St. Michael & St. George
Council II  St. Michael and St. George.
Explanation of the flag:
The white and gold are taken from the Papal flag. The pommelled red cross represents St Michael, the protector of Christians against all evil. The plain red cross of St George is emblematic of knighthood.  

St. Michael and St. George are the Patron Saints of Council 2 which is a council of the Order of the Knights of da Gama.
We were the second Council formed and are often referred to as the "Mother" council of the Order as all councils formed in the Gauteng Region were offshoots of ours.
Council 2 has a rich history and it is our hope to eventually have this history available on the website.
We operate out of  the south of Johannesburg and have been closely linked to St. Patricks Parish in La Rochelle and our chambers are also situated nearby.
Other Parishes that we assist in the south are Turffontein, South Hills, Roberstsham, Mulbarton and even as far as Daleside.
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